• rhythm_borah 24w

    My Abroad Friend❤

    We've both made it so far this past year and a half. Now, you are taking that giant leap across oceans and continents.
    You are going to experience something that is once in a lifetime.
    You will be living in another state for 3 years or may be more than that.
    I just want you to know how incredibly proud I'm of you for being able to have this amazing opportunity. You have worked hard, and I'm so happy that you get this chance to see the entire Sikkim's world. I just wish I could be there with you.

    I am going to miss you alot. I am sure you know that, especially after the number of times I have already said " don't move Namrata'. I will miss our chappar-chappar, when we both shares our dad's same feelings and mostly when high, or those moment where we are both so tired that we're in hysterics. I can't imagine what it will be too weird to me that we will be communicating through skype or duo, not in fresh air or we won't be together atleast an hour.
    However, I'm beyond thrilled to see all the things you will do. I will look forward to our Skype or Duo sessions where i will tell you that whats happening here on in the campus and you can tell me all the adventures you have been on while overseas. Hope, you have the best time
    Just know that when you come back, we are going to spend as much as we can together, I will always wait for the vacations. Do you know while writing this lines my eyes are watered and goosebumps about to stink be back I don't want to make your mood bad before moving. We love you Namrata

    Your 7 friends are always with you❤
    And I may be the least one of them who can think of you☺
    Namrata, I will miss you badly