• drish118 11w

    Suddenly woke up,
    I looked up for the time,
    I saw its 12 o'clock.
    My heart started bitting faster.
    Felt like lost in a desert.
    I couldn't realise, what's happening!
    All I can feel was;
    I am missing my family.
    Thoughts came up to my mind,
    I questioned myself.
    What's the definition of family?
    Is it the bonding, love and care that we share?
    Family is the most beautiful gift from the supreme being.
    It's always special.
    Whatever be the distance between us.
    It's the root of our existence.
    Actually it's so significant;
    Why home is a home!
    Home is the living space with our family.
    Therefore whereever we go it stays with us;
    In a corner of our heart; With all its fragrances.