• roxana91 6w

    To be happy

    I don't need many things to be happy!
    With you on my right,
    That makes me keep breathing.
    Makes me find hope.

    Hold me only by the hand
    'Cause I am already yours.
    Lead me to a better world
    Without so many lies.

    With a strong storm,
    How will we survive?
    Will we dance in the rain
    Until the darkness falls?

    Or will we break up
    After the first drop,
    And pretend that,
    We have never met before?

    Without my wings,
    How can I defend myself?
    I'll catch the train to send away
    The broken dreams drowned in tears.

    We speak the same language
    But we think differently,
    And communication
    Between us, sometimes is difficult.

    Because I love you, I will fight.
    And no one can put stop,
    To save what can be destroyed.
    Love is fragile when it is not maintained.

    With speed I run
    Towards your arms.
    Stars are more valuable
    With their brilliance.

    Come a little more closer,
    Don't be afraid.
    I want to warm
    your frozen soul.

    If others will change your mind
    And you will forget me over time,
    I will remain a frozen shadow
    Left by your cold arms.