• pujashreesharma 47w

    Discipline Equals Freedom

    Go down swinging. And I’ll tell you: If you fight with all you have, more often than not, you won’t go down at all. You will win.
    But you have to make that attitude a part of your everyday life.
    Do the extra repetition.
    Run the extra mile.
    Go the extra round.
    Make the right choices.
    Give the full measure.
    Make yourself stronger, mentally and physically.
    Stand and fight.
    Fight against weakness. Against fear. Against time and against decay.
    Go down swinging.
    Give every day everything you’ve got.
    And when you face a challenge—even something you don’t believe you can win, or a situation where you know you cannot win—remember this:
          You have nothing to lose.

    -Jocko Willink