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    Well...miracles happen here everytime...

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    The silken sunshine of July morn, the raindrops of seraphic August, the darkness of September, the summer rain of sanguine March and the snowflakes of December ; don't allure you to scribble 'bout 'em ?

    This nature is a supermarket. Just stand here and wait to perceive those overwhelming shades. Miracles happen here everytime. The darkness seems as the part of you but the moonlight lightens the scars of a poet while stars twinkle and clouds dawdle. Everytime the universe begins to romanticize. Those verses hide inside your woebegone days and the emollient smile of your beloved.

    Fugacious childhood rhymes in front of those soaring kites and birthday cakes. The chocolate wrapper(which you shared with your first love on your first date) tries to wink at you from your favourite diary yet you scribble there about ethereal life till the nefarious death.
    Isn't this romantic ?

    I think 'bout this and the poetry whispers in my left ear

    "I'm the poetry, can't count my age but can count your erstwhile melancholies and fetching happiness. I've scars yet I smile while looking at those dazzling stars. I cherish every moment with the voices of mothers as lullabies and also I twirl with the tunes of chatoyant katydids.
    This is me, the poetry ;
    And this is my paradisiacal story."

    I pause.

    I sigh.

    And I smile.