• 314lolo 6w

    Release me

    I pushed you away not wanting you to go
    You will continue to be hurt more if I continue to hold you close.
    I never wanted you to slip away but that's just another sad day that I have to face.
    I don't expect for you to understand
    that I can't no longer have you in my life as my man.

    Everything happens for a reason even if it's unknown
    I'm sorry this is were we end
    I have to be alone.
    So please don't rub it in
    Or make this any harder than what it is .
    I'm sorry to say,
    But I think we are better off at just being friends.
    I tossed and turned many nights
    Lost allot of sleep.
    Cause I didn't want to hurt you
    Like how many people in my past hurt me.
    So take a deep breath let me go and release.
    Remember what's meant to be will always be.