• chainofthoughts 9w

    The trees rustling with the winds,
    Heaven pouring down till 4AMs these days.
    Windows rattling,
    Doors screeching,
    Curtains blowing back & forth
    With a ghostly edge.
    Every element luring you
    To witness the unannounced downpour
    Of the Rain.
    But, wait.
    You didn't get convinced, did you?
    For, how sure can you be,
    The set of feelings it'll invoke?
    The chain of thoughts that'll poke?
    Will you smile and breathe in the petrichor,
    the earthy smell of rain kissing the soil,
    Losing its singularity?
    Or will you shed a tear,
    your heart drenching in thyself?
    Or will nostalgia hit you perchance?
    A certain song replaying in your mind,
    As you reminiscise the times with four friends
    who bring unceasing amount of entropy in your life?
    And, for some maybe, the sound of the rain
    helps them sleep,
    the drumming serving the slumber.
    You see, you never know,
    How that water is gonna play with your head,
    Yet you get lured, don't you?