• prabh262 5w

    I have recently seen some of the memes on Instagram where it was shown that each and every movie which is released on the OTT platforms can be downloaded from telegram for free. I was just surprised that how this can happen because people buy subscription and telegram provides us the free download link for these series and movies. I thought I should check this up and find out is it true or some prank has been done.
    So I just created a account on the telegram and searched for the channels which can provide me free movie download links and I found many channels which provide these type of services as well you can request them for your movie also and they can give you the download link for free.
    So, I requested for a movie link and the channel owner gave me the download link of the movie as I clicked on the link the link opened in my bowser and showed me some ads as well asked me to fill the captcha also,
    I understood that they use link shortens to earn some money, that’s why they provide free download link to everyone. As I reached to the next step after filling captcha as well as clicking on some ads(by mistake), they asked me again to fill the captcha and I filled it, then there was a option “Get Link” to get the downloading link, as I clicked on the link something gets started to download in my device without my permission
    When I checked the download file that was not my movie that was some txt file, I was just thinking what it should I ignored to that again reach to the browser and as previous I already reached to the second stage I again clicked on the “Get Link” it forward me to the next stage the third stage, I found there some of the options like Direct Drive, Panda, And many more. As I want to watch that movie, I clicked on the G Drive Link and suddenly movie starts downloading.