• stonehearted 22w

    If I get a chance to travel in time and alter something or some memories in my past than I would go back to my childhood where I could spend even more time with my father and mother with all my mischievous things were ignored with a laugh. I wish I could postpone my mother's death from my age of 3 to my age 80. I will even alter the death time of my father and postpone it on my age 85. I want to spend more time with my father who was everything for me, my father, my guide, my mentor, my way to Paradise. I wish to take care of my parents in their old age and prove everyone wrong who says that children don't take care of their parents in their old age. I wish I could alter their death to make my future even bright with their guidance, love, care, prayer, wishes, compliments and comments.

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    Gazing at the past

    The Era of joy, the Era of freedom, no matter of ur mischief, you will be apologized with a broad laugh. Always prayers to get back that Era, which is called lovely childhood.