• dipanshu_tanwar 5w

    I've been doing some stuff, i've been doing with flair
    They say this isn't right and this isn't fair
    I don't give a shit and i just don't care
    There's no one beside me, i'm on my own here
    It's now all like this people talking shit
    They can't stand down when their own med hit
    You can't see me cause of all the smoke there is
    Yeah, it's coming from my cig that i just lit
    All the time I hear people telling me
    That what just should be my destiny
    Life has it's own way of testing me
    Trynna break me down but i'm breaking free
    There's a sound in my head that is calling me
    Demons inside gripping onto me
    I fight with them, i don't try to flee
    And i am holding my back for me