• prasannakkumar 9w


    World of Words:

    Prasanna Kkumar and Carie "Cariedaway" Dominoski

    The world of words calling us
    let's take-off in the flight of romance
    where we could land and play
    with sensuous sentences.

    Let's explore the sights and dare to dream of this word play In futuristic pretenses

    Let's script the verses as we both embrace
    the grammar of pleasures,
    As we prepared to write this manuscript of life, we will dance through it's simple moments to be treasured.

    Chapters to be filled with metaphors of bliss, kind of like the pen to pages very first kiss.

    Let us brim the realm with the ecstasy
    All the while exploring the wonderful world of fantasy.

    As we both hold the pen of purity
    Designed to flow from our hearts.
    where the lust of ardour rambled on
    the parchment of our unity.

    © Carie Dominoski/Prasanna Kkumar
    2019 September 10,