• sid_d_curse 45w

    You saw him today. He looked perfect. Smiling, dancing, playing all around. You thought he was perfectly happy , no tensions at all. Great.
    But dude, did you once look in those deep eyes.
    No ! Why ? You were his friend ,right ?
    Or wait Just coz he didn't let you catch a look into his eyes , just coz he offered you a perfect poster you thought the movie was all good.
    I wish you had once tried to talk to him or just have tried looking behind those crimson hues you would have seen puddles, puddles of sorrow. The grave effect of sleepless nights would have surely been visible. Fake smiles would have melted into tears. Just once had you tried, he would have found an escape route from his prewritten ambiguities. Just once had you tried, the gender rules would have shattered. Just once had you tried, the boy would have surely cried.

    P.s. - unless you flip over the pages of the book you can never know the story hidden in its faces. So dare and look behind the shallow emotions for you may find different shades of emotions and someone may find an escape from pain.