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    Mom filled with love, care about us, love unconditionally, support us, stand for us, never expected anything, she is independent,she is intelligent,she is worth for the happiness frm all around the world, she has the best recipes, she has great solution, she is my heart she is soul ,she is everything which does not have words to describe ,and no one can replace her in my world,we have the unique fight totally different, Wat ever the worltd say about u I don't give a dam about it and I no that to don't, I know that u have ur dreams,i know u have ur goals but still with all that, and with all talks with all pain with all the hard time u went through but still u made us so potential, so strong enough to fight with all the problems and made me so brave that I don't need any support, I want to be u just like u the best,but I can't be may be but still I will try,i love u mom my soul cm Wat ever I will love with all ur scolding and irritating talks I love mom for being my dad, mom, sis, bro the entire world for me I love u❤