• loving_reverie 31w

    A house rises from the side of the hovel
    Where colonel houses
    have walls adorned with graphite
    And war is adjourned when she walk out from the back alleys
    the gregarious shut their trachea,
    Sunset became taciturn,
    Anti-thesis of verb became synonymous
    Of her name surrounded by question
    You never want to crawl.

    She, a limit of avenues dividing
    the wonderful and the horrendous
    A prosperity in league
    She will hug you with uncontrolled river
    And make you rejuvenate how it is
    To swim in vivid ocean
    Where your and mine
    Sounds is always same
    After living like a nomad
    In scratched puddles

    Post modernist
    You want that screen to be painted in portrait
    But she is the landscapes
    Where the breath escapes
    From destroyed Ravens and blooms with every birth of flower.

    She is the teaching
    Which can turn every organ of your body
    Into the balance of mind and heart.