• sensationallummitor21 22w


    I thought a future exist for the both of us
    I concluded the existence of my life to be meaningless without you in it.
    I thrived for nothing but to nourish you with the best you could ever get in life but all of that was in vain.
    You failed to accept the little I offered because you my dear, you see yourself as a goddess "I deserve better than that".
    Who are you and what do you know about the natural occurrence of the life we living when we are all sinners?

    Is that amount of beauty nothing but an expensive jewel that chooses which hand can hold it and which one cannot?
    Judge me not by my appearance not the aspects attached to me but take me as I am and realise I am nothing without you.
    All the things you dream of,when tomorow comes we will have them as God's promises never go into waste.
    Seeing that you are in rusg for a world of sweeties is waiting for the future with me a waste of time?