• amanarav 6w

    आने वाला कल हमारा है
    और जो बीत गया वह आपका था

    Personal troubles consist of individual worries,
    problems or concerns while social issues consist of generation gap,
    unemployment. Communalism, casteism, gender inequalities etc.

    Today I present my view on generation gap
    The person who changed himself/herself according to time
    Time remains with them.
    Who don't they have to suffer.
    If we look around us or in a same family if there is gap between brother and sister more than 6 years it creates a huge difference among their choices and needs.
    Phonenomon like a baby(+2yrs) operating mobile phone very easily is very common.this means that upcoming generation is more smarter.
    While on the other hand a individual of age 50+ is not able to handle mobile phones errors occurs several time.(above is just example)

    I think there should be high degree of coordination between two generations but question arises how ??
    I've some idea...

    1-often visit of children to their ganda's home if couples are living in nuclear family.
    2-story telling parents can share their childhood memories or an interesting event occur in their life.
    3-introduces new mode of entrainment other than the electronics source
    4-create no interference set them free interrupt only when you find something is wrong.
    5'don't tied child in chain of rituals and tradition
    For example if we cut the wings of bird then it can't fly like tough new thiughts are like wings if you wanna see change than you just have to appreciate them completely.

    Guys Comment your ideas..

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