• deara_someone_dear 31w

    I am a woman.

    I am a woman

    I am a woman little lustrous and beautiful.
    I have a smile.
    I am young and I am beautiful.
    But I can't walk out of my house.
    Because male animals will hunt for me.

    I am only seen in museums now.
    I can't be naked.
    I can't be talking about sex.
    Because they'll treat me like a whore.
    I am scared.
    Because in every street there's an asifa.
    Because if I go out. I'll be asifa too.
    Because I am trapped.
    I am supposed to be killed by male animal.
    And because of that. They'll be no girl child seen.
    And again I'm saying this because I am a woman.
    I am the first girl in my family.
    And because I was also sexually assaulted the same way.
    And today in every girl there's a asifa hidden.
    A forbidden, lonely, young, woman.

    Written by
    A woman.
    A girl.