• ananya_99 32w

    She is the most beautiful girl ,
    Carrying a golden heart she swirl .
    She's a crazy kinda lass ,
    In muddled thoughts she crass .
    Meeting her was a coincidence ,
    Now I ponder , was it really a coincidence ???
    It seems as if she's a blessing ,
    Her ingression keeps my life cherishing .
    Doesn't allows me to drop a tear ,
    Says darling when I'm here don't you fear .
    She be my shadow , my caring mum
    My bosom friend , my boon companion .
    Wanna know who she is ???
    Fluffy and cushiony puff she is ,
    Cute and adorable stuff she is .
    Munchkin , pumpkin , sweetie pie
    Sugary coated cutie pie
    My bae , my schoolmate , my lifeline
    One and only my shubh she is ... ❤️❤️❤️