• preecethemasterpiece 5w


    She's the dream lady of every masculine
    A lady who keeps her chastise like diamond cause she knows that once you become a fast food girl and let loose your guards to vultures(hit and run guy fraternity) you lose a certain amount of degree in dignity
    She believes in true love based on the gospel teaching when you put all things in Gods hands,God will surely put himself in everything
    Her lifestyle is a nightmare to the loose girls she's set a standard and knows what truly matters
    She never lets anything get in the personal relationship she's made with her God
    Her body is the temple of Jesus Christ he lives in her their intimately connected
    Compromising is never something she can succumb to
    She's drop dead gorgeous,a sight to see ,a package all men want to purchase
    She's a quality christian cause quantity doesn't seem to pay off
    Every man who seeks her hand in marriage sees first the face of God and then descend down to her
    If I ever meet her I will love her profoundly with no second thoughts