• archiee 10w


    My mom once told me,“The more details people know about you, the weaker you become.Lets consider my favourite and the most powerful character Daenerys,Mother of dragons from the series Game of thrones.She is a skilled warrior who stands as a perfect and suitable example to build and conquer everything in silence.Daenerys didn’t obtain some dragon power one day by luck or over a single night. She knew she had dragon blood within her all along, but she never told anyone until she could capitalize on that power. While she was being forced into marriage, beaten, and disrespected, she held on to the knowledge that she was the mighty Mother of Dragons.

    Daenerys kept her strengths and powers a secret from everyone, including her brother and husband, until it was the perfect moment for her to make her real move. Had she disclosed her powers from the beginning, her brother might have tried killing her, people might have tried kidnapping her, and she probably wouldn’t have been gifted with dragon eggs.Daenerys knew her own power and kept it a secret so that she could deploy that power as effectively as possible.

    So what I am telling you is to learn to be secretive and make your right power moves when the scenario demands with immense strength and confidence.You must think of yourself as a powerful fort. That’s how you should view your mind, body, and spirit with purity and beauty. You should know all the entrances and secret passageways of your fort, aka your strengths, weaknesses, fears, etc.

    Feel free to welcome people into your fort for banquets or balls or whatever other fancy party you might have. But the more you tell people about your fort, the more information you reveal about the secret passageways, the weaker your fort becomes and the easier it is for people to attack you.

    The lesson being: don’t give away all your secrets or reveal all your vulnerabilities. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you are compelled to share everything with everyone. It’s up to you to decide what to reveal and when.