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    Temptation Is When You Know What To Do But Still, You Want To Do Instead

    Temptation Is An Everyday Call Its Very Active In Addictions, You Find Solace In The Habit Cause How To Kick It Seems Like Raising The Volume Of The Car Stereo When You Have Heard A Cracking Sound In The Engine

    Temptation Likes Where There Is Progress Its At A Sky Rocketing Price

    Temptation Is Always Negative And Convinces Alot That Its The Better Choice

    Temptation And Discipline Are At Loggerheads The Other Wants To Play Safe And As For It, It Believes In Reckless Drinking And Be Sober When Not Even A Coin Is In The Pocket

    Temptation Starts In The Mind And Perpetually Talks To The Heart Then If It Affirms Its A Flawless Victory

    Temptation Comes In Images And Manifests In Actions

    We all victims of temptations but the question is what kind?
    Let's seek to have spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear when it comes invading in our premises
    Dominion we all have and authority in Christ Jesus our lord to subdue all principalities