• sumi_18 23w

    I never imagined a long journey with you..
    As I know how it feels when expectations or dream shatters...
    I didnt want to think about the future, just wanted to live in the present having you by my side and walk together as far as possible.
    But aahhh.... Saw the true you soon enough.. When you hardly had a minute for me.. No messages did I get in a day , where you would ask me about my day.
    Still days were there, when I texted and waited for your reply for hours, then slept without one. Days were there when I had sleepless nights, saw you online but got no care.
    Yes, I am clever enough to know my worth.. To know.. That you wont ever give me time if I let it be going the way it was.. So here I am ,though having a soft place in my heart, I decided to move away.... Affections do come when our soul wants.. But it refuses it to leave easily , Inspite of shouting deep inside asking it to leave more than a thousand time.