• juniorauthor 5w

    "Taken" Chapter 4

    For a moment, you just stop. Then you start laughing.
    "Superpowers? That's ridiculous!"
    "This is a serious matter."
    "What is this? Is this one of those hidden camera shows?"
    "Take this." Mr. Davis holds out a small stone in his hand. You take it from him and stare at it. It is perfectly round and smooth, with a small hole in the middle.
    "What's this?"
    "It's your power stone?"
    "Hold it in the palm of your right hand. Then close your eyes and focus."
    You do as he says. Not because you believe that anything will happen, but because you want to see how far they will carry this trick. As soon as you close your eyes, you feel something. It is like getting an electrical shock, but through your head. Then you hear something. It is Mr. Davis 's voice. He is saying something. The only problem was that Mr. Davis is not talking. You open your eyes in shock.
    "What the hell just happened?" You yell.