• dauntingtheories901 6w


    Breaking through limitless bounds,
    Trying, to prevent ourselves from being torn apart.
    Living, waiting for tomorrow to be a better start.
    This wasn't the way life was planned.
    It was meant to be much more.
    Wanting for our forever to exist,
    Locking away our hearts with the chain of our mind,
    We started existing.
    Listening to constant opinions,
    And with the ever growing venom in humans heart,
    We shaped ourselves to become a rock like peice of art,
    Amidst all this chaos,
    Existence became a priority while living was pushed beyond the dark.
    What we need is not a pool of self pity,
    But an urge of breaking through the past,
    To escape the coldness of insecurity,
    And enter the light of warmth.