• ericandwe 10w

    Ode to an angry so and so

    Behold the part time communist!
    Who mocks the wage slave while they split tips with the servers.
    Who mocks the those who cannot see their own oppression from behind the screens of their Iphone!
    With a mix match vocabulary, full of words only autocorrect could spell for them.
    Who are you trying to impress? That 17 year old who doesn't mind your neckbeard cause you have a car your mom cosigned for?
    Plant your potatoes child, in sand, because you cant identify living soil from dead earth, and when your protests and philosophies wont till the earth, and the means that you seized rust under your inadequate hands, what then will you blame? Certainly not your drive? Certainly not your mind. It's not your fault, I blame your parents, who built you an ivory tower to condescend to others from. But that's fine. You do you comrade. Call me when you need a job. All my best busboys are commies.