• theyoungpoet 5w

    I always felt safe with you but outside opinons made me doubt what we were becoming. Everytime we get closer I craved the closeness we kept getting to. You were wise and you always stopped me from making bad decisions .
    May we meet again
    I just hope there’s no animosity
    I wonder do you think of me still
    Why do I even care ?
    Every time I spoke about you I’d have to defend your actions. Hurt me the same way so many times. I should be used to it now. Gave you my heart didn’t even ask for yours back in return . You reeled me all little bit more even though many times it would be easier to let go. you taught me strength when I thought it was gone. you taught me how to find peace within myself. I learnt how to control my hot temperament and I realised not every action needs a reaction. you made me whole after a bad situation and for that I Thankyou but bye for now. while I gain my peace and maybe one day it will be better.