• reluctantslime 23w

    The Strong Woman

    I was turned an icon of women power
    For doing my own pity things.
    I lived alone, paid my rent, cooked my food and drove my car.
    They adored my self content and praised my confidence.
    How can a woman be so independent!
    They were amused.
    Until one day I decided to voice for other women.
    Suddenly, I was the cunt, the crone and cougar.
    I was the slut wanting some attention.
    Many trolled me. Some wanted to kill me, some even worse- rape me.
    Agitated as reflex, I sat for a while.
    Then I chose the reddest of my lipsticks and put it on.
    Wore a smile and added quite a sass to it.
    Little they knew strong woman comes with the whole package: to act, to react and repeat.