• beanslee 9w

    What you mean to me
    You're the most handsome man alive
    God has blessed you in many ways
    When I look at you I see sparkles in your eyes
    I love to see you smile
    You're cheek bones are so high
    That's not a lie
    You're lips are so perfect
    You're beard is so neat
    God made you perfectly complete all the way down to your feet
    What you mean to me
    Your a hard working man
    Never really complains
    You do whatever needs to be done
    You are a child of God
    You are his son
    You're so healthy and strong
    You're so smart
    You're barely ever wrong
    You're funny and caring
    You have a heart of gold
    You're so bold
    What you mean to me
    You're amazing all the way around
    In my eye's you deserve a crown ��
    We all have our ups and downs
    But, God knows that I pray for you each and everyday
    I only want the best for you
    I pray that God continues to watch over you and to guide you in the right direction
    And to always shower you with lots of protection
    What you mean to me
    God knows how much I love you
    He knows how much I care
    He knows that this time I'm not going anywhere
    I pray to God that I'm the woman you need by your side
    Until the day we die
    With you I feel absolutely complete
    With you I feel whole
    You complete my soul
    What you mean to me

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    What you mean to me
    September 21st, 2020