• anubhabsarkar 45w

    Yes love can not hurt anyone it's the most beautiful thing in this whole world... it's the separation from that specific person who was with you always...that hurts! Please dont hurt me anymore...i am really sorry please come back! #mirakee #pooo #writings #sorry #love

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    So friends☺️
    That is not love
    Love can not hurt you
    What hurts? Do you know?
    One relationship, very lovely and very close
    That ends!
    Felt the pain?
    And what did you said?
    Love hurts!
    But friend, you know what will i say,
    That is not love which hurts,
    That is separation which hurts not love!
    Relationship broke, whom to say, whom to tell,
    Whole time who was there, with whom spend the whole time,
    Now where is she?
    Now no one feels my own, everyone feels unknown.
    Felt the pain?
    And again what did you said?
    Love hurts!