• violeo 23w

    The Ugly World?

    The Ugly World

    Living and thriving on the this planet,

    We were placed on.

    So ugly, yet

    Somewhat beautiful.

    Wars. Wars are created on impulses

    And negativity. Instead of finding

    Different ways of finding a solution, we just

    Add more to the problem.

    Thinking fighting back is always

    The way to go.

    Adding to the fire,

    More and more people being engulfed

    In it's monstrous heat.

    Honestly, has it worked?

    Sorrow always sneaks between the cracks

    Of people's lives,

    leaving a permanent  scar of sadness for the

    Rest of their lives.

    Missing their loved ones

    Don't get me wrong though about one kind of war.

    There's many wars going on.

    The physical ones

    The mental ones

    The emotional ones

    Through those raging storms the

    People found a way to punch back

    At their pain.

    Expressing themselves through all the art forms you could think of.

    Honest feelings slowly seeping from their heart to their works, is how they cope.

    They take their arrows and aim for our hearts.

    Impaled by their passionate arrow, our hearts began to tear and cry for those who feel alone.

    They deliver the ugly truth, but their courage to share out is beautiful.