• random_writer 23w

    Adjusting Slots

    Most of the time, an exact topic is not what makes someone write. It’s an idea that builds up and frames up a topic that we at times didn’t even intend to write on.

    Extended families
    Family friends
    Neighbor friends
    School friends
    Tuition friends
    College friends
    Friend of friends
    Work friends
    Friends of spouses
    Extended family friends

    The cycle continues, with every phase we have more and more people coming into our lives. The circle keeps on growing and growing.
    With every new one coming in, an old one loses their share of time. At times, the old ones also win the battle and stay put but then those are very few.

    As we grow, our self-time also needs some share, now that’s the tough one. It’s very hard to fight against it. You can’t actually win with that on the other side. In both cases it’s a loss, you just have to choose the better of the worse.

    Setting up priorities is tough, because every time a new addition comes in, you have to adjust somewhere else. After all change is the only thing that is constant and yet it’s what that makes things unchangeable at times.

    Change is not that will always be on our side, change might make you totally alone or with a confusion about whom to give your time to.

    Trusting someone might not be easy, nor is letting someone go.

    It’s easy to say we are okay than to explain people what we go through.
    It’s easy to say that you are busy than to say no to someone.
    It’s easy to drag that to talk and face the issue.
    It’s easy to connect with more people, its retaining that needs your effort.

    Whatever you choose to do, whichever path you take, no matter how difficult or easy they are.
    Our lives are designed such that things eventually fade off. Then after a few months and years you think like it was yesterday, because by then there comes a new change that again bring you thinking about the new slots that you need to adjust.