• bharathbobba 9w

    Letter to the Exes

    Dear Exes,
    Hoping that this letter will find you in good health. After our so called old-lovely-relationship that we dreamt of enjoying for the lifetime became lifeless, this world felt tasteless at first but I started introducing new tastes to my taste-buds by wandering as a free soul in this world filled with wonders & sweetness.

    This letter’s intent is to make you understand some of my uncontrolled actions- mainly my looks. My eyes may look at you with a combination of pity & affection. But, don’t get me wrong for that... by thinking that I still crave for your presence in my life.

    My heart has experienced the pain your departure gave, which my eyes haven’t experienced. I’ll set my foot intentionally in your world when it is filled with chaos. Please don’t get it wrong for a new reunion. Take care & have a happy life ahead.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Your Ex.