• priorities 10w

    sometimes life can be a mean bitch, its always keen on testing you from time to time. it pushes you into situations that seem impossible to climb out of. you keep burning out from all the stress that it puts on your weary shoulders and makes you lose interest in the core belief of what life is supposed to be about; living.
    and i hate how everytime, life gets away with it.

    even though i always come out victorious from the thousands of battles it has forcibly put me in, i despise how i have to wear all the scars over my skin and pretend like they are beautiful. every time ive sat down to stitch my broke self after a depressing battle, i had to scrap away the parts of me, that are actually beautiful and replace them with the ugly stitches. im tired of everything.

    how many more battles till i start looking like someone who's not me?

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    everytime they tell me im beautiful, i show them the countless scars that i hide under my skin, and read out the ugly pain engraved in them.