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    "Mawra, will you marry me?" Asked the very one to whom Mawra hasn't given a look of interest in her whole existence, and now that she pulled her look on that perfect guy as he held his breath, calming every awaited nerve coming out of as visible tiny drops of sweat on his fore clear head.


    Sold, so sold, Mawra was entirely sold in the moment.

    Not only by the perfect guy but also by that particular one in the room.

    Trashing those late unbreakable self-control, 'that particular one' was no less a hawk, standing and unblinkingly watching afar in their utter glory, can be a death.

    Ah, cause couldn't be any obvious, right? The raw fire was blazing in eyes. Complaints were as clear as Blue, jealousy could be a Xerox to a short word as even with no authority, 'that one' desires to own all of Mawra. All of Mawra. The artwork of their dreams, the graphite to their sketches everything but now could it be possible to become a reality for 'that one'?

    Could it be?

    A step was the answer to all the questioning eyes in the room. Mawra was stuck, not on the tile but inside the head, incredibly trapped in such an un-uttered possession of those eyes, once again she's clearly kicked her sanity. As though not a word of feelings has exchanged from the page one, but the vibrations between those two, now couldn't be scaled on Victor's, the power in the exchanged gaze was magnificent in the atmosphere blurring rest all the world with every step. One, two, three, the time has turned now and so are the tables, Mawra has lost it, she's so brutally sold herself into the gaze, that returning isn't even in the option. Surrendering her every tempting guard to the 'one' ruling her heart she grabbed the side of that person's face with every breath-taking emotions she'd bottled up for centuries, attacking not yet on the lips but the very delicious flesh of that person's weak-spot to ink a feathery mark before the announcement.

    "Sorry Broye, your baby sister owns me entirely."

    Oh so Mawra!

    Stepping not towards the guy but towards that certain burnt one, his sister, a 'she' her Mirza. She's answered to every questioning eyes in the room, poor Broye.

    'Cruel love and its game!'

    No that's��not the title!

    If you hated it, Lol good for you then��
    If you liked it, then I love you too ����❤❤

    A scene of one of my unfinished work, 'everything is incomplete on my planet anyway lol ��' enjoy this cause I've no clue when I am gonna finish this book, probably if I did it will on wattpad and on inkett, not now tho. I'll let you know, when if you want to.��

    Phobians you gotta do nothing just

    ❤Live n Let live ❤
    Cause Rainbows are all around!

    ❤ And for Supporters, guys we love you ❤

    *Enjoy or ignore*

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    Oh yeah, you can hate me of course for this ������

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