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    A few months ago, I had a dream. In that dream, I could see a scary atmosphere. A grey sky, filled with smoke, black river, filled with pollutants. The air I was breathing was suffocating. I couldn't see trees with green coloured leaves. Instead, I was able to see trees either with brown coloured leaves or without leaves. But still, I saw humans working, cutting down the trees and using vehicles that emitted black smoke.
    Suddenly, I realised someone touched my arm. I turned back to find out a woman in a white crummy dress with a lot of wounds. Seeing her terrible condition, I asked her," What is your name miss? Are you alright? How can I help you?"
    "Nothing is right. I never wanted this!!" She said in a tired and shivering voice.
    " Still, Please tell me, maybe I can help you." I said in an assuring tone.
    "My name is Nature. I give you all everything that you want. But now, your needs are no longer just needs. They have turned into Greeds. You humans cut down all the trees, mine wherever possible. You pollute water bodies. Just think of the other animals. What will they do , where will they live?? Just for your convenience, you are destroying other's home, you are destroying me. You owe a lot to me!! Tell me now, can you help me??" She asked, angrily.
    " I am sorry Nature, I can't do anything. All I can do is just to pray for you." Just after saying this, I woke up and my dream was over.

    A few days ago, I met Nature again. But this time, things were different. My surroundings were beautiful. Crystal clear river was flowing, trees were tall with big green leaves and instead of humans, I saw animals like dogs, rabbits and even a lion playing with each other. With me was nature, who was smiling. She was looking gorgeous, wearing a green gown with a tiara of yellow flowers. She smiled and asked," Isn't this coronavirus beautiful?"
    All of a sudden I felt very angry.
    "How can you say that? Do you know how many lives this virus has taken globally? Innocent people are losing their lives. What will their family do? Where will they go?" I asked angrily.
    She smiled and said," I am sorry dear, I can't help you at all. All I can do for you is just to pray."

    Her reply left me speechless and made me emotional. All of a sudden, I woke up and my dream was over.

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    It's her time now.
    It's her payback now.