• unpleasantly_dark 5w

    Mental Health.

    I am not scared of darkness, not anymore.
    I stop, stare and admire it for how they consume everything, every facet thing around and still manage to appear Dark, just dark and Black.

    No vibrant colors;
    No bright shades around;
    Just shades of Black, all round and around.

    It feels heavy at times but it's more of comfortable now here.
    Heart aches can't be heard, more of, can't be felt as well. Just a certain sting, the heart feels every now and then for all the things I could do and I could be.

    I feel paralyzed, trapped in my own body;
    My brain seems to deny my instructions and do its own thing. It takes me to places where I feel my lowest and brings me back to the heights that has some bright shiny rays which I barely can stand.

    I can see people having issues with my behavior.
    They say why so Dark and Dim;
    And not Bright and Vibrant.
    They say why so Silent and yet Loud;
    And not Peace and Sober.

    I see a certain judgement in their eyes, for which my mind wants to tear them apart but somehow my heart calms the mind down.

    They say talk about how you feel;
    Talk about what you wanna do;
    Talk about where you wanna go;
    Talk about "Mental Health".

    But let me ask you here,
    Are you even willing to listen?
    Are you even willing to support?
    Are you even willing to help?
    Are you just playing games to find a reason for praising yourself one more time that you tried helping out for "Mental Health"

    It's darker than you can Imagine,
    It's darker than you can See,
    It's darker than any Black.

    It might seem easy,
    Fuck You
    Cause it's not.