• kaustubhii 31w


    when I had my heartbreak and I was jerked, I fell deep into despair and I felt empty because each piece of me was shattered and it all fell down inside, into my deepest anguish. At that time the biggest mistake I committed was to ask other people to lift me out of that place where I was stuck and that lead me to more pain because everytime,all I felt, was nothing but disappointment. My faith ruptured and I felt weak but my hope got me going and when everything was fading, I tried to lift myself up, because I didn't had any choice but trust me that was the best part of my journey - 'THE PUSH'. And now I've known, People do what they think is best, they either stay, or leave or even leave you hanging off the cliff but what's never gonna leave you is YOU.
    I hope you find yourself too because it's more beautiful than any other thing in this world.