• thinkingaish 6w

    Poison of pleasure (1/??)

    There he is , all dead and broken ..sitting in a dark alley crying for help. Nobody knows what Damian is going through right now,true pain.the pain that Clara gave him can't be taken that easily.he looks up at the sky,his eyes all puffy..his lips all dry and skin all pale.,staring at the sky smiling sadly ..how did he got here ...?


    "What the heck Clara ?! I..i.." "Damian ..I don't care ! This is your fault" "Oh...now it's my fault that YOU are pregnant!" " Damian ! This is your child too !" "I don't care about this baby ..you'll get abortion.."
    "This is my baby too Mr.Damian ! This baby isn't going ...but I am.."
    Clara went to the door to grab her coat , Damian ran and grabbed her arm..but Clara demanded space .

    "You will neither see OR touch MY baby..and this ..this is my final decision Damian Williams..." Clara shed a tear and ran . Damian looking at her with eyes filled with tears as her body disappear from his sight ...

    "Good job son.." a cruel somebody appeared "I hate you dad.." "and so do I ..now,get ready ...Sarah will be here soon"