• lordadala 24w

    Cooler's back story part 2

    It was a night of the lunar eclipse and cooler had secretly snuck out to watch it but he needed to find a good spot. He ventured out and was now wandering through the territory of star. Her beta males were guarding the territory from their dens. One of them by the name of warrior who was star's older brother had caught site of cooler and ran straight for him. When cooler took notice it was too late he realized that he was being taken to a good spot for the eclipse. When he and warrior arrived to the in labored star. Cooler was happy he found his mother. Star let him come close to her for she was happy to see cooler. The lunar eclipse was about to start cooler knew a lot about the furries and wanted to see the eclipse the way they did. So before it start he went into his wolf form and waited as soon as it started. Adala was born and the sunset moon shined on her the furries howled throughout the night sky as their singing meant the next pure of heart was born. Cooler joined in knowing that his younger sister had been born as the froze was leaving his mate behind. Cold awoke from the sounds of howling and he went to check on cooler until he realized cooler was not there. Cold was furious that his child left for no reason so he set off towards the spot he was at because he knew he would probably be there the eclipse had stopped and soon enough star found out they were being attacked by an outsider pack as soon as it was over only ash aqua blaze star and adala were left besides a few other hollows.Cold soon found cooler with his mother and another child. Cold was happy to see his beautiful mate with the moon light shining on her. He immediately went over to her and got comfortable with her in his arms. She woke up to see him smiling at her so she snuggled closer to him and they both feel asleep. The next morning star woke up still in colds arms she like to do this thing to wake him up so she went up to his face level and sniffed him amd he woke up to it. He was a little mad but not enough because he now had his mate back. Cooler had woken up and snuck off to get food with his younger sister Adala. When star realized that they were hone she immediately found then and kept them close. Soon enough though that night cooler and star had did the nasty thus having a bond for each other star did not know she was pregnant with two kids so when frieza was born she still welcomed him into her life.