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    listen to "Somewhere Only We Know" by: Keane ✨

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    somewhere we don't know

    driving to nowhere
    the night aglow with bright city lights
    turning the radio on to not hear my sob
    but the universe seems to like watching my eyes turn red and listening to my echoed suffering throughout the corner
    as lips trembled and the tears gushed down in my ashen cheeks
    i'm driving, i know, slowly
    it's 1 am, not so much to see but all the side of this city was avant-garde to me
    how every turn weighs painstakingly more
    singing my heart out to the song of the band keane
    "and if you have a minute, why don't we go talk about it somewhere only we know?"
    maybe, this could really be the end of everything
    but unlike the song, i'll go somewhere we don't know