• raspberry_122 6w

    Aaiye Meherbaan,

    This song will take you to the evergreen era of Asha bhosle and Madhubala
    The era which was framed with beauty and natural elegance.
    “Aaiye meherbaan, baithiye jaan -e- jaa
    Shaukh le lijiye ji ishq ki imtehaan”
    The feel here is of welcoming my dearest and darlingly asking him
    To have a seat, be comfortable.
    I know he is here to test my love and so am I to serve him with the quest.
    This song will awake in you the love not only romantically but also sensuously
    to get entwined in the aura of the atmosphere. Smirking at him, flaunt your
    depth of love and let him dive slowly in it.
    This was the item song of the era with no skin show or double meaning
    Yet so deep to let you taste the purest magic of love.