• bobbycneis 30w

    It rarely makes sense

    The piano played a softer melody, a soothing tune to strum my heart strung chords,
    I was taken to a place much like last night of spoken promises unbroken as sworn,

    Reborn in that moment known as better times, I relived every love, played back every feeling and hope,
    thought to be easy but it only grew harder to embrace the hollow feel as I awoke,

    She spoke in volumes only fantasy could reach as I tried to fathom the message and meaning,
    Eyes filled with an endless amount of clarity in passion, this was more a reality even when so far away in dreaming.

    I've made it to this point, past every bridge of struggles I could not have imagined to overcome,
    I fought valiantly for a bigger cause envisioning this heart to be an infinite sum,

    Yet I ran, beyond the sketched trees with stretching shadows, the still waters, and the faint wavering lights.
    Somewhere in the link of mind and matter the existence of that truth stopped my life.

    Not my breathing, no, not the world spinning or any version of what some would claim the way it ends,
    it was a realization that everything I contain is a love I can only make sense of in one nights expanse.