• thinkerandinker 11w

    Tongues and Tears

    When two pairs of lips are enveloped

    Is when the foundation of a relationship developed..

    As it may lead to tongues, tears or both..

    For when lips make way for tongues...

    Each explored the other...

    Ironic are tongues

    For they desire to satiate the insatiable..

    Consumed in hunger and glutton to taste..

    Yet concerned if they left their taste in the other..

    Brazenly clinging and unabashedly craving for more 

    Entangled like mesh..but if it's just tongues..its all about the flesh..

    For tears gush out when hearts open albeit the enclosed lips..

    Mistake not for these tears aren't about grief..

    If anything they express only relief..

    For the innocence of this infatuation is at its peak..

    And nothing more does your heart seek...

    They speak volumes of purity..

    Yet slip away from closed eyes quietly..
    Tears remind of how much we longed...
    Reminiscing the times we were wronged..
    They whisper now you're free
    The pangs of loneliness have let you go..
    And now in this pool of innocent infatuation  you can flow...
    But at times one may wonder...
    What if in the same moment tears liberate and tongues bind...
    The flesh is hungry but the heart is also kind.. 
    Upon this situation seldom souls ponder..
    For when lips touch... 
    You either let your tongues explore or tears celebrate.. 
    It's not that tongues are defiled and tears chaste..
    It's all about the fear that this moment may never last..
    But when tears and tongues flow in the same time..
    It's love being naked and passion reaching its prime..
    Tears and Tongues have their own sense of purity..
    And when together they promise the ultimate eternity...