• johnpoems 23w

    For when I was a boy

    For when I was a boy I shedded tears of joy. My feet ran around and it kissed the ground. The air touched my soul. I felt alive, I could see life. My heart danced to the love of what was there.
    My mother use to sing to me. She sang with the beauty of her smile. The beauty of her words. the beauty of her heart. The beauty of herself.
    For being young I did not know pain. I knew it was there hiding around, just waiting to murder my youth, but I pushed it away for the love of my mother. I was lost in her care be and the innocence of her love.
    My mother was my light, I was a candle in the wind of life. A candle that needed a flame to light it's soul. My candle and the glowing flame of my mother shined and burned out the darkness that whispered in my ear.
    I laughed to kill the pain and I smiled to wipe away the tears.
    When you are young, you think your candle and flame will always burn bright so your heart can light up the night. The night of misery and pain. The cold blowing wind of darkness will take away your light.
    My light and my mother is gone. I can no longer hear my song. My song, my heart is empty. The words of my soul can not heart, for now it is gone. Silence cuts away at my flesh, my feet burn in pain.
    The world is an empty home, so now I just sit in my empty home remembering when.
    When I smiled. When I laughed, when I cried, when my heart died. It is all a lost memory. A memory of me, a memory for when I was a boy.