• fauxcroft 50w

    Stormy weather

    Leaves crisp and brown rustle in the wind

    I can feel the foreboding of a preternatural storm coming

    I see dark clouds in the distance

    And know it's time to prepare

    I see creatures on the move

    Scuttling around everywhere.

    The leafless branches whip in the wind

    There's speckles of rain now in the air

    A chill is now reaching out only the brave or foolish will dare

    Venture out into what's to come

    A storm of epic proportions

    To wash away the things that are wrong

    And leave a freshness in the air

    It will wreak and leave such destruction

    But maybe also a cause for hope

    To build again from the ground up

    Something that's needed most

    New beginnings, brand new start

    Or will it revert back to the old ways

    If it does my friend the storms will continue to come

    Time and time again.