• kritika__ 4w

    The moment you entered my life
    It felt like days of autumn are over
    And once again spring is taking it's place.

    When for the first time our gazes meet.
    The sky turned brightly pink
    Telling us that it's blushing at the sight.

    The dried plants
    In my garden of lavenders
    Started blossoming buds
    Once again,
    Reminding me of calmness and serenity
    That you bring
    just like these lavenders.

    White colour
    That I see as
    Colour of shroud
    feels like the
    Colour of peace,
    From the moment
    When I saw you in that
    White coloured shirt.

    Now I don't
    Sleep with tears in my eyes
    At night.
    My brain reminds me
    Of your
    Ravishing smile and
    The night seems perfect
    To sleep.

    There is no need
    Of sedatives
    The serotonins
    Have started working

    You have never
    Tried being perfect
    Just the real you
    A blend of sanity and madness
    That made me fall
    For you harder.

    You made me wanting to live,
    Just like the life
    I wanted.
    A life that has 'you'.
    A life that become 'you'.

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