• jessi_tennyson 6w

    The horizontal one was zon meets a little puddle pretty cool air gush down

    The shower streaming to the tree tops the birds soar as the sun is hot The clouds float in the air dreaming on as they carefully tear apparatus’s upon the sunshine of rays beams beautiful as well as flailing dawn the horizon glitters around dreamland once lost busted out and suddenly found I quickly discovered thy name is Holy Spirit. Not sure if ya shallow bellow or finish up the day often or something versus what I hear it. The shower of dewy drops glide around incessantly listening to the other night sounds the fairytale of the lands glittering with broken shiny silvers was a the fairy tale stood an evening about then it is a little bit more fun to very nice giver so itself shall we wait till the morning before the storm will deliver the mermaid sets on a perfect peak full of a living tale fin but no feet jealous and dangerous to be around here beautiful people all around skin like a clear thoughtful message of a new connected network to a little deeper dot thy holly spirit guides you through your life as you see it your beautiful morning glories by the day is hot bright sunshine and warm fuzzies roll up cricket and space jumping. The hollow ground still clumping the. Clean and warm space is open till thy shower bumped in your showers of comets so dusty thy puff of green light a fearless little deep frightening night outrage over lovers friends who have been there for a long good time sunshine and warm weather hazard lights night glee and bright