• byumbyum 10w

    A poem about the evacuation of american soldiers in vietnam on Apr 29, 1975.

    #war #pod

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    April 29

    They poured into the streets,
    Holding their one baggage
    That was their worldly possession.
    Children in hand they head
    For the grey compound with
    The gaunt building, standing
    Menacingly over the city blocks.

    Helicopters roar,
    Planes overheard groan,
    Artillery fire comes ever so near,
    Rumbling the earth with it.

    I'm, dreaming of a white christmas,
    Panic in the streets as a ray of hope
    Just like the ones I used to know,
    Appears as a black dot on the horizon.
    Where the tree tops glisten
    The bloodied hands hold their children tightly
    And children listen
    But they knew that the soldiers did not care
    To hear the sleigh bells in the snow
    As they raise their thin hands, to the sky

    Covering the sun, and all hope with it.