• rebelpjones 23w

    The chaos ahead
    By RebelpJones

    There's something big coming,
    bigger than any could imagine,
    Something big is coming,
    that will drive all of man into chaos,
    A rage washes upon the shores and sands of outrage and ignorant,
    blind to any human emotion and feelings,
    Signs everywhere to join darkness to indulge her sinister evil doings,
    Few will have strength to walk through these sin driven ruins,
    Temptations that cross the usual boundaries,
    Sets the headers to unusually terrifying stories,
    Fore there are those who would wish the raising of untravelled territory,
    Allow your minds to travel to the most terribly disturbing of places,
    Beautiful faces penetrated by acts of fellatio sinning, from pureness to prostitution, then relinquishing all natural innocence,
    None of us are exempt,
    From the attempts to destroy us from the devil in men,
    From the outside in,
    A cancer lives and continuously spreads,
    There's not true concern of destruction from outside forces,
    We are our only true threat,
    Everything leading to the demise of man kind,
    In the mean time ,
    We all stand by and falsely believe we're living meaningful live's.