• utku1595 10w

    My bestie and life...

    She is in my heart,
    Which gives me a beat.

    She is my sun,
    Which shines very bright.

    She is just like a pleasant air,
    Which cools the atmosphere.

    She is that music of my life,
    Which I always prefer to hear.

    She is just thought of my life,
    I just think of it now and then.

    She has that lovely smile,
    Which has an innocent style.

    She holds that positivity,
    Which no one can handle with care.

    She is my passion,
    Which motivates me to move on.

    She is like an angel,
    Which loves to be tangled.

    She is my moon,
    Which sparkles and shines high

    She is my friend,
    Who'll be special to me till the end.